Here is a resume of the Excellence in the Arts in place and flourishing at Maker Heights at the time the Barrack Block Studios were closed to their tenants and the general public in

June 2016.


A unique space on the stunning and inspiring Rame Peninsula, surrounded by water and dramatic scenery, with a true Spirit of encouragement and development of creative arts, from local to international status, embracing a wider education in the community and beyond.


The Rame School of Artists – This group was created as a cooperative to produce an annual collective of works: this year their Spring Show was held at Limekiln Gallery, Calstock. Here are some snippets about their individual work and achievements:


Paul Cain-Smith: a painter for half a century, ‘I like serendipity, and keeping things free for something to happen. Regular contributor to Open Studios for ‘Drawn to the Valley’.


Zoe Clarke: Masters in Entrepreneurship in Creative Arts, solo shows 2015 at Sterts Centre, Cornwall, Guildhall, Devonport and Officers’ Mess, Maker Heights. Recently exhibited with Horta Library, Azores.


Jill Holland: although Jill trained in ceramics and is well known for her delicate pieces, she recently revisited her fine art skills in 2015 at the St Ives School of Painting, she is a regular exhibitor in Drawn to the Valley Open Studios and has been a freelance educator Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.


Steve Joy: Steve was born in Plymouth, but for three decades has lived and exhibited across three continent. He currently Professor of Art, Joselyn Art Museum, Omaha, a gem of the Maker community.


Chelsea Orme-Williams: Chelsea is a younger member of the School: she exhibited in the Harbour at Dusk group exhibition, Westcroft Gallery, in the ‘Federation of British Artists Futures’and the Mall Galleries, London, in 2015


Nicola White: Nicola is a member of Association of British Naïve Artists; she brought the 2015 Summer Exhibition tothe Officers’ Mess, Maker Heights. Nicola is well-known for her unique take on local views, with a series of cards and prints very popular in the locality.


Charlie Wildy:  part of the Rame School Exhibition at the Lime Kiln studios as part of her PCAD residency at Maker Heights.


Jim Woolley: Studied at Chelsea School of Art and Frink School of Figurative Sculpture. Previously base at St Ives he was drawn to the enthusiasm of the art scene in the Rame Peninsula and has established himself as a favourite landscape painter, preferring to paint in situ.

Among other locations his work has been exhibited, a the London and Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, the Arthouse Gallery in St Ives, and Art Mill Gallery, Plymouth. Jim has had pieces displayed at the Royal Academy Show seven years in succession.


Helen Markwood has previously been part of this group. Helen achieved a double distinction in Design at Jacob Kramer College of Art in Leeds, at the same time as being inspired by the music from the neighbouring College of Music. These days Helen majors on flower and wedding design. She has enjoyed curating exhibitions in the Officers’ Mess Exhibition Room: her next event being displayed in the Canteen 1st to 5th August 2016.


As well as the Rame School of Artists the community at Maker Heights also boasts a wealth of other artists, photographers and designers. Here are a few:


John K Lawson: A renowned American contemporary visual artist and poet, JK has used items salvaged from Hurricane Katrina in his work. He is excited about being part of the Maker Community.


Carrie Barker adds to the diversity of excellence at Maker Heights: she is a skilled a craftsperson and designer, with her sought-after leatherwork.


Dick Ogilvie: Dick gained a double distinction in photography, PCAD, then became a part-time lecturer and commercial photographer. He is currently showing his own work in the NVIII Gallery, Barrack Block, Maker Heights.


Andy Knights: Andy was desperate for a studio when he could hardly afford it. Since then, working with fellow Maker artist, Tom Ogilvie, his fashion designs have been on the high street, in Top Shop, including Oxford Street, and internationally with Asos. He is now a respected contributor to exhibitions in California with his unique geometrically-inspired designs.


Tom Kirkman: Another young talent encouraged through the Maker Community, Tom’s introduction to the Maker Arts was as a star at the Rooster Park. Trained at PCAD he is now filming for TV: he recently worked on Channel 4’s the Food Chain and Eat well for Less. He has just returned from filming in India with Nadiya, winner of Bake-Off for her debut individual cooking series. Tom won Best film at the Cornwall Film Festival for his film ‘Process’.


Graham Guy Robinson, sculptor and teacher at Torpoint Community College has a striking disc installation covering a whole wall in the Energy Room music and theatre venue. Ben Piper, a previous tenant produced imposing metal, now iconic, sculptures for the Maker Sunshine  Festival. Local girl, a graduate from Guildford College of Art, Rosie French has had work displayed at the Victoria Seward Gallery, Plymouth Barbican. After bringing up a family Rosie is hoping to return to Maker to develop her work. Beverley Gibson has a wealth of hidden artistic talent, in addition to her initial contribution to Maker,as a prize-winning micro-brewer, she is now become a sought-after portrait painter, in her unique style, with links to the Westcroft Gallery.


Joanie Ogilvie, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in Textile Design, went on to work for Cannons Mill, New York, on Product Development before relocating to the UK where she enjoys working on interior design befitting the nature of properties here in south east Cornwall.


Sally Turner has been a tenant at Maker from the beginning, resident potter in a Nissan hut. You can read more about her work and community outreach is a separate article House.


So this is a brief overview of the excellent and unique work in the arts at Maker Heights. There surely are others not mentioned here! Occasional Open Studies bring joy to the local community, the latest being in February 2016, with the Canteen offering a window of exploration of what goes on behind those mysterious doors and windows on the top of the hill, the Napoleanic Barrack Block and the surrounding outbuildings.




Company Name:


Registered Address: Insworke Mill, Mill Road, Millbrook. Cornwall. PL10 1EN

Company No: 10348127


Reg Address: Insworke Mill, Mill Road, Millbrook. Cornwall. PL10 1EN.

Company No: 10348127